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Organizuodami keliones į užsienį bendradarbiaujame su UAB "Mundus mirabilis" (Kelionių organizatoriaus pažymėjimas Nr. 14640) bei Izraelyje esančia krikščioniška kelionių agentūra.​


Svetainės dizainas ir turinys: matomasvetaine.lt


In 1948 restored the state of Israel – that’s fulfilment of many Biblical prophecies. Today God is bringing back Jewish nation from all the corners of the Earth to the Promised Land and inspiring Christians from all nations to come and visit the Land of the Bible.

If you have desire to stand in the gates of Jerusalem and to see what God is doing today in His Land, we inviting you to join and together with Evangelical Pilgrimage Organization to visit the state of Israel. Our trip is for spirit, soul and body, and we pray that during this amazing tour you would be refreshed by Holy Spirit, and never ever forgot this amazing time when you spend in the Land of the Bible.​



Idea to organize evangelical tours to Israel born, when host of Lithuanian Christian radio programs Tadas Daujotas stayed in Promised Land for 3 months. This trip changed his life, and from that time he going quit often to minister to Israel. Encouraged by his friends Tadas decided to help for other believers and people who searching for God to experience the same things, what he experienced during his trips in Israel.

We aim to, that every tour would be refresh for all human being – spirit, soul and body. For spiritual growth we visiting main Biblical places – Mount of Olives, Gethsemane Garden, Golgotha, Garden Tomb, Western Wall, Sea of Galilee and etc. Also we include in our tours meetings in Messianic Jews communities and prayer houses, where people from all over the world worshipping our Lord Jesus Christ 24/7.
Our goal not quantity, but quality, because of that when we organize every tour we trying to find that kind of routes, that people can see the most important cities for Christian faith, famous Biblical places and to have time to think about that, what they saw. In to our program we including visits of museums, that we can know better history of Israel, and through short time to receive as much as possible understanding about God’s chosen nation, the Land of the Bible and the human redemption that took place in Jerusalem 2000 years ago
Very important, that vacation would be real vacation, and people can have time not only to see beautiful nature or architecture, but also to rest. Because of that in every tour we have day of relaxation on the Dead Sea. When we organizing tours to private groups we can offer add to program very special SPA with natural hot springs near the Sea of Galilee, and in our regular tours we always have SPA on the cost of Dead Sea with sulfur baths, selected mud baths, freshwater pool and lunch, so you can relax and regain strength without any hurry.
Tours are organized in collaboration with Travel agencies based in Israel. For your comfort we booking private apartments or 3-5 star hotels, arranging museums, meal in restaurants, comfortable bus with WI-FI, licensed English speaking guide and etc.

Christian travel agency Evangelical Pilgrimage Organization helping for believes to know God in deeper way through the tours to the historical places of the Bible.

  1. Provide opportunities for the Evangelical Christians and their friends to visit the Land of the Bible;

  2. During the tours help to believers go deeper into the Biblical truths and grow in to the knowledge of God;

  3. Introduce believers with the Last Days God’s plan for Israel and encourage everyone to pray for the peace of Jerusalem;

  4. Introduce people with Messianic Jews congregations and worship and prayer houses in Israel;

  5. To be the bridge for new friendships between tourists and local believers;​

  6. Organise tours balanced for spirit, soul and body: visit most important places for Christian faith, show most beautiful places in Holy Land, and give time for relaxation.





Christian Travel Agency
VšĮ "Evangelinės piligrimystės organizacija"

Company code: ​304628048
IBAN: LT07 7044 0600 0817 7945; SEB bankas
Director Lina Kralikienė

Tel.: +370 65 888 044,
Faks: +370 5 20 75 753
Email: info@epo.lt



When we organise our tours in foreign contries we cooparate with Travel Agency  UAB "Poilsis ir mes" (Travel organizers certificate Nr. 011572). Also, we cooporate with Travel Agency in Izrael.​